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About Us

Malaysia’s First Virtual Tour “ONLY” Advertising Platform

Our Story

We started off as a group of photography and property enthusiasts - getting together and sharing our ideas on the subject of Digital Marketing and Media Content.

We have found that with the advancement in technology and information, customers right now are more demanding. They want more information, details and transparency before committing to a purchase. This is especially true in Visual Marketing in any products.

With this in mind – we have realised that there is no one place where the public can have access to all 360 virtual tours in Malaysia.

Hence CDULU.COM was born.


We see cdulu.com as a “360 virtual tour sharing platform” for everyone. It allows a wide variety of users sharing 360 virtual tours, as well as anyone can access to this content at cdulu.com.


We are committed to providing the best user experience to all who visits cdulu.com. We focus on helping businesses in getting great content as well as further widening the reach of their customers or prospects.